How To Occupy Your Children’s Time While Taking A Road Trip

How To Occupy Your Children’s Time While Taking A Road Trip

Surviving Life On The Road With Your Kids

Long drives are beloved by many adults , and many times loathed by almost all children . While adults enjoy the highway , the taste of adventure , and the smell of the unknown , children squirm in the back of the car with nothing to do but unintentionally disrupt their parents . Plan ahead as adults , to not only remember to bring the ice coffees and clean the car , but to also bring things to keep your children busy and happy .

Persuade your kids to look forward to long drives as much as you do by planning activities in advance .

1. Children are crazy about computer games, and the Word Wide Web has tons of online games for free that you can download for no money . Launch your favorite search engine, search for free game downloads , and the results go on forever . There are many types to choose from. Your little girl might like girly games, which include baby games and doll games. Your son might like shooter games, cooking games and girls games. After you download the games to your laptop, your little ones won’t need internet access to enjoy them.

2. Bring coloring books and colored pencils to keep your children occupied . Colored pencils are a good alternative to coloring with crayons and they will not melt if left inside your car . Just remember to also bring a flat, hard work surface for them to keep on their laps. This will keep them happy for a long time during the trip .

3. If your kids are a little bit older , pack children’s magazines for them to read. Many children’s publications not only have tales and pictures to enjoy, but also have neat games to play, like number puzzles , riddles , memory games and more.

4. Since you are already bringing your laptop for your kids to play games on, you can also bring along a few DVDs for them to enjoy. Do not forget to bring the headphones along , so that the parents can rock out to your music up front , and the children can enjoy their film in the back.

There are a few clever ways to survive road trips with your children . Use your clever ideas , and try to remember what you would like to do at their age. If you can get them to love road trips as much as you do, you will all be a joyful family on the road !