10 Fun Dating Ideas

10 Fun Dating Ideas

Dating doesn’t always have to be serious and it won''t be with these 10 Fun Dating Ideas. Sure it is important to place a high value on your relationship and to treasure your partner but sometimes dating can simply be fun. Fancy dinners and trips to the theater or concerts are nice but they do not allow the couple to just relax and have fun together. The following are a few helpful suggestions for couples that are looking to enjoy fun activities while on a date.

Playing miniature golf is one option for a fun date idea. This is a fun activity that will give couples the opportunity to relax and enjoy the game while allowing them to have some friendly competition. There are some who will get all competitive but for most the thought of hitting a golf ball into a clown’s nose is too ridiculous to take seriously.

Amusement parks are also something you can do if you are looking for a fun date idea. Of course, a park has to be near to where you live. This is a date that offers something for everyone. Whether you enjoy thrill rides, shows or simply carnival food, you are sure to find an activity that suits your tastes at an amusement park. You and your date can focus on the fun activities without the usual pressures of dating.

Another fun date idea is to complete a photo scavenger hunt. You and your date can meet to create a list of unusual items to include in the scavenger hunt. Use items that are fairly easily found. Once you have created your list, make a copy so that you can each have one and grab a couple of digital cameras and head to a relatively small location such as a mall and set a time limit and split up and attempt to take photos of each of the items from your list that you are able to find. Choosing a location that is pretty small will increase the odds that you and your date will run into each other several times during the hunt. When the time is up meet at a pre-determined location to compare your photos and figure out who successfully found the most items on the list.

Volunteering at an animal shelter can be another fun date idea. Spending an afternoon helping pets in need can also be a rewarding experience. You will find that even though these animals are in need, most of them just want the chance to have fun with a human even if it only for a few minutes. Their spirit will make the date a very fun experience.

Participating in an improv class can be another fun date idea. Many comedy clubs offer these classes during the day. In the class you will be challenges to participate in several games that force you to think on your feet. This can be a fun way to get to know your date.

A picnic in the park is another fun date idea. Most parks have a wide variety of activities available but you can also just spend the afternoon people watching. This is always a fun activity and challenging your partner to come up with unique stories about other visitors to the park can put your creativity to the test.

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Still another fun date idea is window-shopping. Sometimes just thinking about the things you would buy if you were to come into a large sum of money can be more fun than actually buying the items. You can add a twist to this activity by creating personas for each other and trying to choose items that your new personality would choose.

Visiting a local playground is another fun date idea. Many adults haven’t been to a playground since they were children and a nostalgic trip to a playground can help you to feel young again. Racing each other up the slide and seeing who can swing higher on the swings are ways to have fun with your date while at a playground.

A video arcade is also a fun date idea. These places are filled with all of the latest video games as well as a few old fashioned ones that will remind you of your youth. Acquiring a large amount of quarters will allow you to play games for hours. You and your date can either complete directly in two player games or work as a team in other games.

Finally playing a sport such as basketball or soccer is another fun date idea. The physical activity of this date will draw you and your partner closer together. You will also enjoy the thrill of competition as each of you strives to win the game.

Bringing and element of fun into the usual dating scene can have a very positive effect on the date. Although romantic dates are always fun, sometimes it’s a good idea to just let loose and have fun with your date. This will show each of you a different side of your personalities.