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Posted October 25th, 2006 by

Should all children be taught to swim?

When I was at school we had compulsory swimming lessons (exempt only with a heavy cold or a veruka) and children had to learn to swim at least fifty yards.

The same was true for my boys.

These days it seems that some children leave school unable to swim and they can get out of swimming lessons like they can so many other things on the flimsiest of excuses.

What with all of the recent flooding never mind for general health and fitness should all children be made to learn to swim at the earliest opportunity?

Well I am glad that most agree with me.

My eldest grandson *is* learning at school but whether this will continue for the other two who knows? -

I intend to find (and pay for) lessons for them myself during the Summer holidays and I don’t care what anyone else says about that – their lives could depend on it one day!.

When i was in infants school we had a swimming pool at the school & we all used to look forward to being allowed to go in it when we got to top year infant (yr 2 now) so by junior school most of us could swim at least a bit & we used to go down to the local swimming pool once a week right through the school (yrs3-6)!

Now my children are at school they dont go swimming in infants but they do go once they get to year 3!

My oldest daughter is now in year 6 & has finally got her 10meters! My second daughter is in year 4 & got her 10m last year!

I also paid for them to have swimming lessons for a while & although my oldest likes the water she doesnt really like swimming but i think it is vital that ALL children learn to swim EVEN the ones like my youngest who is only just 2 & hates the water & screams blue murder the whole time she is in there!

Once they can swim at least 25meters it will be up to them if they wish to go anymore but until then they will be made to go!

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