Phase 1: Recovery

Phase 1: Recovery

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BENJAMIN BRACKBILL, Senior Researcher on the Zdorovye Training Staff, developed this incremental approach to movement re-education.

Movement Health™ is 3-Phase method designed to recover, re-coordinate and refine movement. These programs are designed to increase movement ability for everyone.

Phase 1: Recovery

When we are first born our movement is untouched - completely free.

Through social pressure we loose this freedom; often becoming locked up in our own bodies.

Through Movement Recovery, discover how to unlock your natural freedom of movement.

Phase 2:

Re-coordination Your first step towards improved health is to recover the freedom of movement that you had as a child.

Your second step is to coordinate that freedom of movement so that you can begin to use it in a constructive manner.

Through Movement Coordination you will discover how to coordinate your efforts towards total health improvement.

Phase 3:

Refinement Your final step towards health improvement is to refine the movement that you have recovered and coordinated.

Truly begin to create an ease of movement and improved state of health!

Forget dangerous so-called "fitness" programs that produce more damage to your health than benefit. Learn how your body is meant to move, and how you can increase your strength, stamina and flexibility through movement.

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