Problems With Dodge Caliber

Problems With Dodge Caliber
Problems With Dodge Caliber

Dodge Caliber is a small car, known for its fuel efficiency, spacious interiors along with low price. But the Dodge Company more than makes up for its lower price by the large amount of costs put in repair works.

This is because, Dodge Caliber has a lot of problems; mainly to do with stalling, oil leaks, squeaking noises and substantial torque fluctuations, even in the most recent purchased cars.

A lot of consumers and forums are complaining about the danger involved in these problems. Some of the Dodge consumers even have been rear ended when they have stalled in the middle of the road. Not only is this extremely dangerous, but it is also callous on the part of the manufacturers to sell such cars to the unsuspecting public.

Moreover, the dealerships are more than willing to turn a blind eye to these problems.

Many customers have found their fuel lines leaking, which can cause the car to catch fire and can cause bodily harm to anybody sitting in the car. Not many words are necessary to show the seriousness of this problem.

Another problem that arises in a Dodge Caliber quite regularly is the fluctuating torque. All of a sudden, the torque would go down from the normal rate of 700 rpm to 400 rpm and then suddenly rise to 1000 rpm to become stable back again, all the while shuddering.

The customer service does not co-operate too and there have been customers who have waited for as long as 9 weeks and above for the customer service to respond.

All said and done, the Dodge caliber is one bumpy ride.

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