Why Western Red Cedar is the natural choice for decking

Why Western Red Cedar is the natural choice for decking

Why Western Red Cedar is the natural choice for decking

Creating beautiful gardens is becoming increasingly popular for homeowners in the UK, who are looking to make more of their outdoor space and add areas to entertain guests, relax and spend time in their homes. One simple way of transforming a garden can be by installing a deck, but with such an array of choice for decking, finding which material to use can be a daunting prospect. Western Red Cedar offers an ideal option for decking, with several benefits making it the natural choice.

For centuries, Western Red Cedar has been the timber of choice for North America, from the Native Americans using it for canoes and totem poles, right through the modern day architects for contemporary home builds. With just one look at the beautiful appearance it’s easy to see why. Every Western Red Cedar board has its own distinct colour range, from a warm palette of rich amber tones, making your deck truly unique. Available in either a clean, clear grain with virtually no knots or a characterful select tight knot for a rustic charm, Western Red Cedar offers an inviting, natural decking solution.

The appearance is merely scratching the surface of what makes Western Red Cedar perfect for decking. Western Red Cedar is excellent to work with, being light in weight for transportation, however very durable in nature. Western Red Cedar has twice the stability of most common softwoods, the vertical grain means it is easy to sand, plain, saw and nail and the timber lies flat and straight, holding fastenings tightly and resisting warping, twisting or cupping.

Another appeal of Western Red Cedar is its resistance to decay. Containing natural preservatives that resist moisture, decay and insect damage, Western Red Cedar will provide a deck which will stand the test of time and weather to a stunning silver-grey colour if left untreated. As Western Red Cedar is free from pitch and resin, it will accept a wide range of finishes, allowing users to maintain and protect their natural like-new appearance for decades.

Using Western Red Cedar offers a sustainable option for the environmentally conscious developer. Due to reforestation and regeneration initiatives, there are more trees in North America now than 100 years ago. British Columbia in particular place strict regulations on timber harvesting that balance the environmental, recreational and economic values of their forests for the long term. Western Red Cedar has a low impact on the environment throughout its life cycle. It requires significantly less energy to produce man-made alternatives and is biodegradable, so creating a beautiful deck with Western Red Cedar will only have a positive effect on the environment.

Initially it may seem that shipping timber long distances must be a significant negative factor in the overall carbon footprint of wood products from North America to the UK. Research studies have however determined wood from anywhere in Canada, east or west coast, still has much more carbon stored in it than was emitted in its transportation to the UK, creating a better than carbon neutral building material.

As you can see, Western Red Cedar’s properties make it the ideal choice for decking. To complete a deck, Western Red Cedar is also available as balusters, posts, railings and caps. Any surplus timber can also be used to make attractive planters or benches.

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